Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dedication Preview of the 9/11 Memorial Museum

Yesterday we took a family visit to the 9/11 museum 
Unidentified remains are kept behind the blue panels, which are representations of how people recalled the color of the sky that day.


This is a recovered part of the radio tower from one of buildings.

I believe this is a picture of missing posters from Union Square.

My brother could have been one of those trapped on 84 S. He worked on that floor and many of his colleagues did escape before the collapse.

9/11 quilt
The pools occupy the foot prints.
Water valve from below WTC
I felt that the memorial museum was very moving and tastefully designed. It succeeded in capturing the shocking brutality of the event. Thirteen years later, the museum artifacts organically conjure the mayhem, panic and profound grief of the day.


Jean Beltram said...

What pictures,they take my breath away,such a sad day for all of us.

Can you tell me how I can acquire the recipe for the Potato,Forest Mushroom, Chevre tart, it looks beautiful and delicious

Gaetano said...

Thanks for kindest message.

I don't recall exactly how I made that tart. If you send a message to marketdaycanele@gmail.com I'll reply with my best recollection.