Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Philadelphia Cheese Steak at Reading Terminal Market


With my wish for an excellent culinary experience in Philly accept this nugget of local wisdom; THERE IS NOT A LEGIT STEAK SANDWICH IN RTM.


Engineer Amy said...

I concur. Who needs a cheese steak when you can get a DiNic's roast pork w/ broccoli rabe.

Gaetano said...

Thanks Amy

Di Nic's is excellent and authentic if somewhat over hyped. Tom had been making those sandwiches with very little change over the past 30 years. Recently it was declared best sandwich in the USA. That type of hype exposes the phony and bogus practices of the media.

The cheesesteak scene is pathetic it makes me a lil sad inside to see the guileless queued up like lemmings at the stands of the opportunistic. They get 2nd tier grub and then go back to their homes with a less than excellent Philly experience.

Anonymous said...

though certainly not known as one of the cheese steak spots in the market, Molly Malloy's may have the best steak in the city. Possibly not "traditional " it is high quality meat and home made cheese sauce! Fries are usually very good too.


Gaetano said...

"Molly Malloy's may have the best steak in the city." you're joking.

Anonymous said...

Not joking, though I guess labeling something " the best " depends on your expectations. They certainly use the highest quality ingredients of any cheese steak place I've ever been in the city. I don't dislike a thin sliced, frozen, greasy steak I'm just sayin' quality wise. At the very least it is worth a try.

Gaetano said...

I'd give it a try but excellent cheese steaks are a product of excellent steak shops. It's kind of a specialized product.

I have to give credit to Philips over on Passyunk! I had 2 most excellent sandwiches there last week.

I'm in RTM a few times a week. I'll stop in for a beer and a cheese steak and report on it here.